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My Icarus

My Icarus


In the myth of Icarus, Icarus created the maze that held the Minotaur, and was given wings to enable him to escape the Island of Crete. He was told by his Father, Daedalus, that he should not fly too close to the Sun or too close to the water, but Icarus ignored the advice, flew too close to the Sun and perished as the wax in his wings melted. The Artist sees a parallel with humanity today, able to solve so many problems with science and rewarded with ever greater gifts……but seemingly unable to avoid the greater harm caused by industrialisation and planetary degradation.


This piece is available as a limited edition giclée print in two sizes (small or medium) or as a canvas print in one size only (large).

Please see measurements below 


Small 31 x 41.3cm


Medium A3 print


Large A1 canvas


This is the first edition with there being only 100 available.

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