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Bird rock
  • Bird rock


    This is one of a number of images representing the one-ness of the planet, without distinction between the earth and the creatures that live on it.


    Birdrock Guardian Waits

    In the first of four related images, the guardians of the Earth, imagined by the Artist as birds, wait to seize back control of the world from its warring inhabitants.


    Birdrock Guardian

    In the second of the four images, the bird guardian prepares to strike against the warheads.


    Birdrock Human Warhead

    In the third image, aggression as a distorted representation of male sexuality is revealed under the gaze of the bird guardian.


    Birdrock Retaliates

    In the fourth image, the tension between the human aggressors and the bird guardian explodes. It is not clear which party if either will emerge as the victor.


    This collection of four is available as a limited edition giclée print in two sizes (small or medium) or as a canvas print in one size only (large).


    Please see measurements below 


    Small 31 x 41.3cm


    Medium A3 print


    Large A1 canvas


    This is the first edition with there being only 100 available

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